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The End Chik by Cris

Ever since I was a little girl, the creative fire has burned strongly in me, side by side with my love of fashion.
This fusion is the essence of why I am sitting here today with the same spark shining brightly.
I have taken all this energy and turned my dreams into reality with the creation of 'The End Chik' Fashion Jewelry Boutique.

I think of my designs as romantic and feminine, but also stylish and accessible.
I like to be bold and adventurous with my choice of outfits and create 'Versatile Jewelry Pieces' to fit with your many looks.
I believe that confidence comes not only from within but also from how you present yourself to the world. When you leave the house wearing a street-style or elegant dress that you feel good in, you are bound to smile. I hope to give you the confidence to wear that Necklace or Bracelet I have created with all my passion.

All my Jewelry Collections are 'Limited Editions' created with Genuine Precious and Semi-Precious Stones sourced from deposits from leading mines in Brazil and Africa. Following exact standards of quality and the best selections to offer you the perfect gems for every design.

My inspiration and fashion references flow between the majestic cities of New York and Barcelona, where I have let my imagination fly and created lines for him and her.
I am always presenting New Trends and Ideas to add some special charm to your wardrobe for that flawless look.

Men who are passionate about fashion!
I have designed a 'Classy Collection' with that special touch of style.
You can explore several sets of necklaces and bracelets in the Men's Gallery and find accessories to create that perfect look, whether it's for everyday life, the office or nighttime adventures.

Wearing the Men's Line you will always have an effortlessly stylish appearance for every season.

Feel free to get in touch through the website or you can also follow me on Instagram.

-- Your New Essentials have a new name 'The End Chik' --
-- Always Pretty... always Comfy... always Sexy --

-- It's a great pleasure to share all my creativity with you and be part of your life --

Stay beautiful!
by Cris - “My creative dawn is born in you
Fashion Jewelry Designer 
Design - Creativity - Quality & Elegance