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The End Chik by Cris

Design, creativity, traveling and fashion are among my main passions.

The End Chik Fashion Jewelry  was born out of creative excitement and it is a project that is maturing over time.
I work with all my energy to turn my dreams into reality.

I am a creative and trendsetting person, who designing and sharing with you, my latest creations of exceptional & genuine precious and semi-precious stones from the most important deposits of different mines in Brazil and Africa.
A Perfect Gem for every Exquisite Design!

My creative essence is based on elegant jewelry designs traced with the finest materials, sparkling gems and their sublime colors for your irresistible look.

I have gained my inspiration, my new experiences and designed all  The End Chik Collections for  'Her & Him',  living in-between Barcelona and New York.

A very special moment!
It is an honor to announce the opening  'The End Chik'  Fashion Jewelry Designer,  in January 2017.
After a year and a half working very hard with all my effort and dedication with the project, I have reached a great moment, perhaps unimaginable but real.

In April 2013, I started to present some of my creations in showrooms, socials clubs, and hotels of the city.
Beginning to see the first steps of the evolution and history of the project, until the launch of my own company.

I am very excited to have the opportunity to inaugurate my Online Boutique and Fashion & Design Blog 'A touch of Style'.
Everything is new to take on the perfect and chic wardrobe with the Main Collections, I am presenting on the website: Women, Men, Packs and Bespoke Designs

If you like fashion, you can buy the design you love, at the Limited Editions of bracelets, short necklaces, long necklace, extra-long necklaces, and combinations. Easly, wherever you are.

Let's talk about fashion, personal travel tips and how to wear with style my jewelry pieces on the blog.
I am always proposing new trendy ideas in my posts to achieve a stylish look.

Before founding The End Chik,  I worked for 10 years in the gemologist sector, complementing my progress with courses in gemology and design.

I have studied Business and Administration specializing in Marketing and Economics at Universidad de Barcelona (UB).
Tourism specializing in Event Planning at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB).
Master’s Degree in Business Management at Universidad Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, and a Business Course in London.
So, I draw up my professional experience in marketing, business, and gemologist sector.
Following the career straight to a new  'Business adventure'.

Style, elegance and my trendsetting designs are the icons of all The End Chik Lifestyle!
This is a pleasure to share it with you.

Always feel free to get in touch on the website, on my 'A Touch of Style' Fashion and Design Blog or you can also follow me on 'Instagram'.

Stay beautiful!
by Cris - “My creative dawn is born in you
Fashion Jewelry Designer & Blogger www.theendchik.com
Design - Creativity - Quality & Elegance