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General Terms of Use of the Website

1. Introduction

These General Terms of Use of the website (hereinafter “Terms of Use”), establish the terms and conditions regarding the access and the use of www.theendchik.com, owned by Cristina Sancho, (hereinafter “the Company”), which the User of this Website shall read and accept in order to use the services and the information it provides.

In all cases, the user claims to be of legal age, with full capacity to act, knows how to read and fully understands all the clauses included in these terms of use. It shall not be possible for an underage user to use this Portal without the prior consent of his or her parent or legal guardian.

The User, as well as the Company that owns the Portal, shall be jointly referred to as the Parties and individually as the Party. Accessing and/or using, totally or partially, the Portal, its content and/or services, imply the full acceptance of these Terms of Use. The availability and use of the Portal shall be understood under the strict compliance of the terms established by the General Terms of Use of the website.

2. Definitions

The Parties accept that the following terms bear the meaning given below:

Portal: The website located in the following Internet address: www.theendchik.com, as well as any subdomain or extension.

User: Any person accessing the Portal and using the services or information available in it.

3. Terms of use

These General Terms of Use of the website control the access and use of the Portal, including the contents and services available to the User in or through the Portal, be it by the Portal, or, if applicable, by its Users and/or third parties. However, the access and use of some contents and/or services shall be bound to Specific Conditions for specific contents or services.

4. Changes

The Portal reserves the right to change, at any point and without warning, the Portal’s layout and configuration, as well as the General Terms of Use of the website, the Terms of Use of the Online Store and the Privacy Policy. The User shall be able to freely access all of these documents at any time, through the website, and through a readily available site to review them as many times as desired. The Users shall duly read these Terms of Use each time they access the Portal. Under all circumstances, accepting the Terms of Use shall be an indispensable prior step to contracting any of the products or services available through the Portal.

5. Information and Services

Users shall be able to access different sorts of information, products and services through the Portal. The Portal reserves the power to change, at any time and without warning, the layout and configuration of the information, products and services offered through it. The User is fully aware and expressly accepts that the Portal may, at any moment, interrupt, deactivate and/or cancel any of the available information or services. The Portal shall do its utmost to guarantee the availability and accessibility of and to the Portal. However, sometimes, due to maintenance tasks, updates, location changes, etc., the access to the Portal may be interrupted.

The Portal offers access to information and services “as is”, and does not provide any sort of equipment, material or service to access them. Therefore, it may be necessary for the User to download specific programs owned by third parties in order to access and use specific information.

The Portal does not participate in the creation of contents and/or services rendered or provided by third parties, in and/or through it; in the same way as it does not control its legality. Under no circumstances shall the Portal offer any kind of guarantee over them. The User acknowledges that the Portal is not and shall not be held responsible for the contents and/or services rendered or provided by third parties, in and/or through the Portal. The User accepts that the Portal shall not be liable regarding any loss or damage arising from the use of this information or third parties’ services.

6. Cost

Using and browsing the Portal is free of charge. However, it shall be possible to ask the User to pay a fee in order to access some contents, data, information or services, in which case, the Portal shall inform the User in advance.

7. Users’ obligations

The User shall abide at all times by the terms and conditions established hereby. The User expressly agrees to make a proper use of the Portal bearing all the responsibilities arising from the non-compliance of the rules.

The User shall not use the information and services offered by the Portal to make money-related decisions since the information and services provided are known not to be up-to-date and may contain inaccuracies or errors. Likewise, when data or information is requested, the User shall not provide false personal data or supplant other people. The User accepts to only use the Portal for personal, private and particular purposes. The User shall not use the Portal for activities going against the law, the moral and the public order, as well as for forbidden purposes or those that violate or damage third parties’ rights. Likewise, it shall be forbidden to disseminate, store and/or manage data or contents that violate third party rights or any regulatory standards on intellectual or industrial property rights.

The User shall not use the Portal to carry out actions that support, encourage or promote: (i) illegal or criminal, denigratory, defamatory or discriminatory acts due to gender, race, religion, believes; (ii) violent, pornographic or degrading acts, and/or those that are in any way contrary to morals and proper conduct.

Likewise, the User shall not use the Portal to transmit, store, disseminate, promote or distribute data or contents carrying viruses or any other computer code, file or program designed to interrupt, destroy or harm the proper behaviour of any program or computing and networking hardware.

The User shall not use the Portal to send publicity not authorized by the recipient.

The User shall be liable, and hold the owner of the Portal harmless, for any loss, damage, sanction, fine, penalty or compensation it may face, as well as having to bear all attorneys and/or solicitors fees, or any other third party, arising from the User’s non-compliance of the Terms of Use hereby established.

8. Information availability and Portal services

The Portal does not guarantee the continuous and permanent availability of its products and services, not being possible to hold it liability regarding damages arising from the non-availability of a service due to force majeure or errors, beyond its control, in the data transfer network or disconnections due to upgrading or maintenance tasks in the equipment and computer systems. In these cases, the Portal shall do its utmost to notify 24 hours in advance about the interruption, discontinuation or conclusion of the information or service. Likewise, it shall not be hold responsible for any possible omission, loss of information, data, configuration, inappropriate accesses or violation of confidentiality arising from technical problems, communications or human omissions, caused by third parties or not attributable to the Portal. Neither shall it be accountable for the damages due to cyber-attacks or caused by viruses that affect the computer program, the networking system or the equipment used by the Portal but manufactured or provided by a third party. The Portal shall, at its discretion, deny, remove, hold and/or block, at any moment and without prior notice, access to the information or services to those Users not complying with the rules of these Terms of Use.

9. Portal’s liability

Notwithstanding the relevant legislation, the liability of the Portal in relation to the products acquired and the intermediation in the sale of Services through the Portal shall be limited by the acquisition price of these products or services.

The Portal assumes no liability arising from, but not limited to:

  • a) The use given to the materials found in the Portal or linked website, prohibited or allowed, which violates intellectual and/or industrial property rights of the website content or third parties.
  • b) The possible damages caused to the Users due to a normal or abnormal functioning of the content search, organization or localization tools and/or Portal access and, in general, due to errors or problems arising in the development or instrumentation of the technical elements provided by the Portal or by a program.
  • c) The content of the websites the Users may access from links included in the Portal, whether they are authorized or not.
  • d) Acts or omissions by third parties, regardless of whether these third parties are contractually linked to the Portal or not.
  • e) The access of underage children to contents included in the website, being the responsibility of the children’s parents or legal guardians to properly monitor the activities of those under their care or install Internet control tools in order to prevent the children from accessing adult or mature materials or content, as well as from providing personal data without their prior authorization.
  • f) Errors or delays in accessing the Portal when the User introduces its personal data in the Order Form; low speed or impossibility for the recipients to receive confirmation of the order; or any abnormality arising when these incidents are due to Internet network problems, unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure or any other unexpected contingency not attributable to the Portal’s good faith.
  • g) Errors or incidents that may occur in communications of deleted or incomplete transfers, not being able to guarantee that the services provided by the Portal are constantly available.
  • h) Errors or damages caused to the Portal due to a non-efficient service and the User’s bad faith.
  • i) The non-operability or problems with the e-mail address provided by the User to be sent the confirmation of the order.

The Portal undertakes solving any problems arising and to offer all the support the User may need in order to find a quick and satisfactory solution to the incidents regarding the Portal.

Likewise, the Portal shall be entitled to carry out at defined time intervals, promotional campaigns to promote the registration of new members. The Portal reserves the right to modify the conditions related to the promotions, extend them after proper notification, or proceed to the exclusion of any of those taking part in the promotion should it detect any anomaly, abuse or unethical behaviour in their participation.

10. Personal data

The personal data obtained by the Portal to provide a service or to allow the use of the Portal shall be recorded in a computerized database. This data shall be used to offer the services requested and also to keep the user informed about any news on the Portal’s services or contents, taking into account, if any, the preferences indicated by the user. The User accepts receiving these e-mails, as long as they are related to the preferences indicated or to the services and information used. The User expressly states to hold the right or the specific authorization to access, introduce, change or remove personal or third party data. The Portal shall inform the Users about the possibility of exercising its access, rectification, opposition and cancellation rights by addressing themselves to the following e-mail address: hello@theendchik.com.

The Portal shall adopt for data processing all the compulsory technical and organizational security measures, under the current legislation.

11. Intellectual and industrial property

All contents, trademarks, logos, drawings, computer programs or any other element eligible for protection by the intellectual or industrial property legislation, accessible within the Portal belong exclusively to the Company or to its legitimate title holder and all the rights over them are expressly reserved. The creation of hypertext links to any element part of the Portal’s websites without the Company’s authorization is hereby expressly forbidden, unless this Portal website does not require identification or authentication to access it, or the access is restricted.

In any case, the Portal reserves all its rights over the contents, information, data and services. It shall not grant any license of use or authorization to the User regarding its contents, data or services, other than those expressly stated hereby in these General Terms of Use of the Website.

12. Governing legislation, competent jurisdiction and notifications

The Conditions herein are governed and interpreted in accordance with the Laws of Spain. The place of forum for all claims shall be the courts and tribunals of Barcelona. All notifications, demands, requests and any other communication the User shall wish to forward the Portal’s holding Company shall be done in writing, and they shall be deemed duly executed when received to the following e-mail address: hello@theendchik.com.

13. Void and invalid clauses

Should any of the clauses included in these Terms of Use be declared, totally or partially, void or invalid, this ruling shall only affect said provision or the part of it which is void or invalid, remaining these terms of use in force regarding anything else, considering the affected clause totally or partially not included.

14. Communications between the Portal and the User

All communications between the Portal and the User related to these Terms of Use or the acquisition of products and services through the Portal shall be carried out in writing through the section “customer service”, and in compliance with the communication procedures established in these Terms of Use for each particular case, under the same section.

Given a case not specifically regarded in these Terms of Use, the communications between the User and the Portal shall be done in writing and through a system which allows the User to prove the content and the reception of the notification sent to the following e-mail address hello@theendchik.com.

15. Good faith and due diligence

The Parties agree to comply with their obligations and exercise the rights arising from these conditions in accordance with the strictest good faith and due diligence requirements.

Terms of Use of the Online Store

www.theendchik.com is an e-business website (hereinafter, «the Online Store») owned by Cristina Sancho.

A Customer is a person or entity that contracts products or services sold from the Online Store.

1. The Online Store

www.theendchik.com engages in non-store design and retailing of jewellery products, costume jewellery and complements.

2. Information and data

www.theendchik.com shall reserve the right to change the contents or services it commercializes from its website, as well as the commercial offers it may present, if any.

www.theendchik.com shall do everything within its power to offer truthful information, and without typos, through the Portal. Should an error, beyond the Portal’s control, occur, at any point, it shall be immediately corrected. Should the decision of a User to purchase be based on a typo in any of the prices shown, www.theendchik.com shall communicate the User about said error and the Customer shall be entitled to cancel the purchase free of charge.

The contents of the website www.theendchik.com may, sometimes, show provisional information on some products. Should the information provided not match the characteristics of the product, the User shall be entitled to cancel the purchase free of charge.

The photographs, graphic or iconographic displays and videos related to the products and/or services, as well as brands, trademarks or distinctive symbols of any kind, found in the Portal shall be designed to provide further information. However, the User is to take into account that they are provided as a guideline and, therefore, they are not thorough.

Should the product or service not be available, due to force majeure, after having been purchased, the Portal shall inform the User by e-mail of the full or, if applicable, partial cancellation of the order. The partial cancellation does not grant the right to totally cancel the order, notwithstanding the User’s withdrawal rights in accordance with these Terms of Use.

3. Purchasing process

At signing up, new Customers are to provide all the data requested, which include among other, their e-mail address and password. Registered Customers shall be granted access just by logging in with their Username and Password.

In order to place an order, the User shall select the products he/she wishes to buy by adding them to the shopping cart clicking on “add to shopping cart”. Once the products have been added to the shopping cart, the User is to click on “Process order”. A screen shall then open with all the information filled: shipping address, billing address, shipping costs, and the option to change any of the information provided should the User wish to do so. All the information regarding the shipping shall then be made available and a check box with the Terms of Sale shall open. It shall be possible for Users worldwide to pay by credit card. Once the payment confirmation for the product or service is received, an e-mail shall be sent with the breakdown of the purchase, the details of the order, the shipping costs and delivery time.

4. Applicable taxes

The prices of the products displayed in the website www.theendchik.com, include the value added tax (VAT), if applicable.

5. Payment method

After placing the order, the Customer shall pay for the purchased items by credit or debit card (American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, etc.). In some specific cases, and in order to prevent possible frauds, www.theendchik.com reserves the right to request a specific payment method should the identity of the buyer not be properly verify.

The User shall notify the Portal, through the section “customer service”, of any incorrect or fraudulent charges on the credit or debit card used for purchases in the Portal, as promptly as possible, for the Portal to be able to carry out all the actions it deems convenient.

The Portal is equipped with the maximum security measures available in the market. Likewise, a secure server using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol is used during the payment process. The secure server establishes a connection so the information is transmitted encrypted through algorithms of 128 bits, which ensure that it shall only be readable by the User’s machine and the Portal. Therefore, using the SSL protocol guarantees:

(i) That Users transmit their data to the Portal’s data centre and not somewhere else.

(ii) That the data transmitted between the User and the Portal’s data centre is encrypted, preventing it from being read or modified by third parties.

Likewise, the Portal states that it does not have access nor does it store sensitive data related to the payment method used by the User. Only the entity in charge of processing the payment can access this data for payments and receivables management purposes. Once the purchase process is over, the electronic document through which the parties enter the contract is created, giving the User the possibility of printing it.

On the other hand, the Portal, safeguarding its Users security and the transactions they carry out through the Portal, shall inform its Users about the implementation of a program that detects possible fraudulent activity and the fact that the Portal reserves the right to request information, confirmations and/or additional documents to the Users even after having carried out one or more purchases through the Portal, through a phone call or an e-mail addressed to the number or account provided by the User, in order to verify that the User has done and authorized said purchase(s) and finally authorize the transaction(s). During this process the Portal may, including carry out different actions which include, among others, verifications by phone regarding the identity of the User, or the request of: (a) a written confirmation and authorization signed by the User in charge of the purchase(s); (b) a copy of a valid official identification with a picture of the User to confirm his/her identity. The Portal shall keep these information and documents under the strictest security measures available, in compliance with the provisions set forth by the current Law on Personal Data Protection.

Should the User fail to answer properly or to provide the Portal the documents and information requested within 7 calendar days from the day the call is made or the e-mail sent, the transaction(s) detailed in that communication and the respective order(s) shall be automatically cancelled, without prior notice, the Portal shall not be considered liable for the security of the User, and it shall proceed to automatically reimburse the amount(s) paid by the User regarding the purchase(s) involved.

This process has been implemented to protect the Users and the Portal and, therefore, the User, by accepting these Terms of Use of the Online Store, accepts submitting to the abovementioned process to detect possible fraudulent activity, without being the Portal liable for it, and at the same time authorizes the Portal to, once the provided the additional documents and information mentioned above, use them for future transactions by the same User.

6. Product shipping

The Online Store works with UPS company to arrange the deliveries. It's important for the Customer to know that the delivery date and the cost shall be different according to the destination. UPS carried out the shipment and not the Online Store. Therefore, the indispensable personal data shall be transferred to the transport operators, in order to ship the product or service acquired.

The delivery date at the User’s address shall depend on the availability of the product chosen and the shipping area. The transport periods given are just estimations.

 (i) Delivery address

The Portal undertakes delivering the product in perfect shape to the address provided by the User. In order to optimize the delivery process this address shall be a place where the delivery can be done during normal working hours.

Should the User be absent at delivery, the carrier shall leave a notice specifying how to program a new delivery date. If after seven (7) working days from the date on the notice, the User has failed to contact the carrier to program a new delivery date, the products will be returned to the Portal’s warehouse and the User shall bear the shipping and return costs, as well as any other related management cost.

The Portal shall not be held responsible for the errors caused in the delivery when the address provided by the User does not adjust to the delivery point wished by the User.

 (ii) Delivery period

The product shall be delivered within a maximum of thirty (30) calendar days, except for those cases involving force majeure circumstances, to be counted from the date on each purchase payment confirmation.

The Portal does not deliver products on Saturdays, Sundays, national, autonomic and local public holidays.

The Portal shall inform the User, by e-mail to the address provided, about the date in which the order leaves the Portal’s warehouse and the contact details of the transport company in charge of the delivery. For national deliveries there is a maximum delivery period of 72 hours to be counted from that date. The product shall be delivered to the address provided by the User, unless given a force majeure circumstance or for international deliveries in which case the delivery date shall be indicated.

The delivery shall be considered done the moment in which the product is put at the discretion of the User at the delivery point indicated by the User, and after showing his/her National ID Card or Passport and signing the “delivery note”.

The risk of the products (among others: loss, damage or theft) shall be transmitted to the User the moment the products ordered are delivered to him/her in compliance with these Terms of Use, unless it is notified at that moment of delivery and noted in the “delivery note” or within the first 24 hours after the delivery through the website section “customer service” stating the delivered product defect or break.

7. Customers’ rights, return policy and order cancellation

i) Right of withdrawal

The User shall have seven (7) working days from the delivery of the product or the hiring of the Service to withdraw, totally or partially, from the purchase of the product and/or service, in compliance with the current legislation.

Once the seven (7) working days period is over, the Portal shall not accept returns due to the withdrawal from the purchase of products.

The User shall not be entitled to withdraw given the cases established in the applicable regulations and also, but not limited to, in the following cases: (i) if the products have been unsealed or the security washer tampered with; (ii) products manufactured according to the User’s specifications or clearly personalized and (iii) services that have started being provided before the end of the seven (7) working days period.

The following requirements are to be met should the Customer wish to withdraw from the purchase of a product:

1) The Customer may return any article bought in the Online Store www.theendchik.com as long as the products have not been opened or used and still have the original sealing or packaging, and are still under the same conditions as when it was received. In all cases, the security washer is to remain intact, that is, with no signs of tampering and inside the original packaging received.

2) The returned package must be sent to the Portal using the same box or envelope used for the delivery.

3) A copy of the proof of purchase and the delivery note of the products inside the package with the products returned marked and the reason for the return stated.

4) The return shall be analysed according to the process established in the section “returns” found within the section “customer service”.

Should the reason for the return not be attributable to the Portal, the User shall bear with the shipping costs of the return. Once the User finishes the return process established in the specific Portal section, the collection of the products is programmed and the User informed by e-mail about the date and time in which the collection shall take place.

The Portal shall not be liable for the shipping costs and expenses caused to the User in relation to the return of products, which have been incurred by not following the process established in the corresponding Portal section, or the User fails to meet all the requirements hereby stated.

Order withdrawals requests sent by e-mail are not accepted.

(ii) Reimbursing of the products price to the User

As long as the User has properly followed the process and the requirements hereby established have been met, the Portal shall reimburse the price paid by the User for the products returned, minus the cost of the return.

The User shall not be entitled to the reimbursement of the products returned should they not be in the same conditions as they were when delivered; should the process established in the Portal not followed; or should the requirements established in these Terms of Use not met.

Partial returns of an order shall result in partial price reimbursements.

The Portal shall carry out the reimbursement through the same payment method used by the User to purchase the products, within seventy two (72) hours from the confirmation of the arrival of the returned order at the warehouse. Applying the reimbursement of the price in the User’s account or card shall depend on the card and the issuer. The actual reimbursement of the price shall take place within seven (7) calendar days for debit cards and within thirty (30) calendar days for credit cards.

(iii) Returning defective products

Notwithstanding the above sections and any other pertinent right, the User shall be entitled to the reimbursement of the price of the defective products or of those products delivered that do not belong to the order placed by the User.

Under these circumstances, the User shall return the products to the Portal through the process established in the section “customer service”. However, the User shall not bear the return costs of these products.

As long as the User follows the process established under section “returns” found within the section “customer services” and the requirements established by these Terms of Use are met, the Portal shall reimburse the price paid for the returned defective products or for those products delivered to but not ordered by the User, in compliance with section (ii) above.

(iv) Cancelling orders

www.theendchik.com guarantees its customers the possibility to cancel their order at any time free of charge, given that the cancellation is notified before the order is transferred to the carrier for its delivery.

8. User Obligations

The User of www.theendchik.com shall agree to provide at all times truthful information regarding the information requested in the registration and order forms, and to always keep it up to date.

The User accepts the terms of use hereby established.

The Online Store shall provide the User with a username and a password (in some cases chosen by the Customer).

The Customer shall agree to keep under confidentiality and with the utmost diligence his or her personal access keys.

9. Security and Confidentiality

www.theendchik.com guarantees the security and confidentiality of all its transactions. All the deals are carried out through a secure server based on the SSL standard that protects the data.

All the personal data provided by the Customer to www.theendchik.com shall be included in a personal database created and kept under the responsibility of www.theendchik.com. In compliance with the provisions set forth by the Organic Law 13/1999, of 13 December, on Personal Data Protection, the Customer shall be entitled to exercise, at all times, access, rectification, cancellation and opposition rights regarding personal data by notifying it in writing to hello@theendchik.com.

10. Availability

The Online Store does not guarantee the continuous and permanent availability of the services of the online store, exonerating it of any liability for damages caused due to the non-availability of the online store. In these cases, Online Store shall do its utmost to notify the interruption 24 hours in advance. Online Store shall not be liable for the interruption, cancellation or finalisation of the online store.

11. Governing legislation and competent jurisdiction

The deals carried out with www.theendchik.com are governed by the Laws of Spain. The place of forum for any conflict or discrepancy arising shall be the Courts or Tribunals of Barcelona.

12. Void or invalid clauses

Should any of the clauses included in these Terms of Use be declared, totally or partially, void or invalid, this ruling shall only affect said provision or the part of it which is void or invalid, remaining these terms of use in force regarding anything else, considering the affected clause totally or partially not included.

Web Privacy Policy

Personal data protection

This Privacy Policy has been developed taking into account the provisions set forth by the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on Personal Data Protection and the Recommendations n. 2/2001, of 17 May, and 1/1999, of 23 February, issued by the European Party of Article 29 under the Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October. No personal data is gathered through this website nor is it handed over third parties without the users’ prior knowledge.

Data willingly provided by the user

The personal data, if any, requested to the users shall only consist on the information strictly indispensable to identify them and provide them with the services requested. This information shall be used only and exclusively to properly answer the needs of the users and to fulfil the purpose specified next to the option or service requested by the users.

Users shall be informed, before the data is collected, about the limits regulated in this policy so that they can give their express, precise and unambiguous consent regarding the use given to their data, in accordance with the specific, explicit and rightful purposes, stated for each case.

The personal data provided by the user through the corresponding web from, or by e-mail, shall be introduced in a file duly inscribed in the Public Registry of the competent Control Authority, under the Portal’s responsibility.

Browsing data

The browsing system and the software, needed for the website to run, gather some personal data. This transmission is implicit in the use of Internet network protocols.

This information is obtained to associate identified users, but its own nature could, by associating them with data from third parties, allow their identification. The IP address and the domain name of the computer used to connect to the website, as well as the URL address of the requested resource, the time and other parameters related to the operative system of computer environment of the user are examples of the kind of information it gathers.

This data shall be exclusively used to obtain anonymous statistic information regarding the use of the website or monitor its proper technical running and are immediately cancelled after they are verified, notwithstanding the obligations set forth by Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Governing Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services.

Cookies or web bug

Under no circumstances, cookies or web bugs shall be used to gather identifying personal data from the User. The use of cookies or web bugs shall be exclusively reserved to enable the user to access the website (user browsing preferences and patterns).

Session cookies (which are not permanently saved on the user’s computer and disappear when the browser is closed), if any, shall only be used to gather technical information to identify the session with its purpose in order to enable a secure and efficient website browsing.

Should you not desire to allow the use of the elements specified above, configure the browser so that it declines the cookies and/or erases the existing ones, and disable the Java Script code on the browser’s security configuration.

Access, rectification, cancellation and opposition rights

Those interested shall be entitled to exercise the access, rectification, cancellation and opposition rights established by articles 15 et seq. of the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on Personal Data Protection, or to withdraw the consent given to process their data, by addressing themselves in writing to the Portal together with a copy of an official identification document at the following e-mail address to hello@theendchik.com stating in the Subject line the right they wish to exercise.


This privacy policy shall only be applicable to the Portal’s website, it is not guaranteed in the access through links to this website, or links from this site to other webs.


The security measures adopted by the Portal are those appropriate to the security level required for the nature of the data provided by the user, in compliance with the provisions set forth by article 9 of the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, of Personal Data Protection and its development Regulations, passed by the Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December.